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ALTER-ECO 2/12 stock service

During this Industrial Recycling Technique, we meticulously search through thousands of Cashmere garments choosing the best color tone selections, which allows us to have the best among the regenerated cashmere fibers, from which this GRS certified product is born. This GRS certified product, allows the average saving of 98% water, 80% electricity consumption, 50% use of chemical products, emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere of 90%. The final consumer is made aware of this important information through the hangtag that can be applied to the garment. This yarn is presented in STOCK SERVICE, offering two different counts: The 2/26 count for 12 GG machines is very suitable for plain jersey, classic stitches, as well as small and modern three-dimensional surfaces, and also usable in Jacquard or intarsia designs which work great thanks to our stock service, which does not require minimum quantities.The count is 2/12 for 7 GG machines producing a bulky, soft and  extremely versatile recycled Cashmere. It can be used with several plies on  large machines, and also for 3 dimensional stitches and ribs, achieving the characteristic aspect and hand feel of Soft Virgin Cashmere. Custom shades are possible if compatible with the raw materials used. We can also offer melange shades with a minimum of 50 kgs.

WS Cashmere
WO Wool