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ECO-CUISINE stock service

For this yarn we use superior long Merino Wool fibers (17.5 microns) RWS certified along with 50% of GRS cashmere fibers that are expertly mixed to achieve an extremely soft and inviting hand feel. This blend makes a very valid alternative to pure cashmere.

This yarn is 2/26 count, knited on 12 gauge. We offer a wide range stock service color card This yarn allows all of the typical knitting processes of basic yarns, from plain jersey, weaved on multi text looms, micro stitches, braids, English stitches, to multicolored intarsia’s.. all made easy with no minimums,

Doubling or tripling the count ply is also possible to achieve bulky and soft structured stitches.Own colors yarn-dyed are possible with a minimum of 5 kgs, where melanges and top-dyed have a minimum of 50 kg.

WS Cashmere
WV Extrafine Merino Superior
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