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ZEN4 - ZEN4 Unito

This 7gg cord linen yarn is certified  European Flax guaranteeing the European origin of the fiber, a lower use of water and pesticides and the traceability and respect of the whole supply chain.

Both for structure and composition it’s a perfect interpretation of craftsmanship: ideal for crochet stitches or structures ending in fringes.

Menswear will prefer a basic representation with generous and informal shapes, with intarsias and shaded stripes and minimal and asymmetrical details.

Working on the same shade card of the art. Golfino it allows combinations of multiple GGs made even more interesting by the use of the delavé tones obtained with  a special dyeing technique that donates to the sweaters  a luxurious vintage look both in the jersey and in the more extreme stitches.

Sample colors are produced with a minimum of 18 kg per col that is also the minimum for custom tones and colors ready for sampling are as usually marked on the referring shade card.

ZEN4 - ZEN4 Unito
LI Linen